DIY Rustic Ornaments

DIY Rustic Ornaments | How Lovely It Is


Like I said yesterday I wanted a rustic, nature inspired Christmas tree this year.  So while I was browsing through Michael’s, I found these unfinished paper and wood ornaments for $ .49 – 1.00. Perfect for adding your personal touch to.

I started out with this unfinished paper star:


DIY Rustic Ornaments | How Lovely It Is


Gave it a coat of red craft paint, and let it dry.


DIY Rustic Ornaments | How Lovely It Is


It looked good as is, but I was going for more of a rustic/weathered feel. I used some black craft paint, and sort of dry brushed it on the high points of the star. After it was dry, I did the same thing with white craft paint. There is no real technique, just brush it on until you like how it looks. If you make a mistake you can touch it up with the red, or repaint it and start over. Really its not suppose to look perfect, think old worn chippy paint. After it was complexly dry, I gave it a light sanding. The key to having it look worn is to sand where it would wear naturally, on the high points. That’s it!


DIY Rustic Ornaments | How Lovely It Is



Next I used the little unfinished wood bird house:



DIY Rustic Ornaments | How Lovely It Is


I used a small paint brush and some left over stain, and gave the roof of the bird house a little tint. I lightly brushed it on then wiped it off. When it was dry I gave the whole thing a realty light coat of Varathane, just to bring out the color.


DIY Rustic Ornaments | How Lovely It Is


Again it was cute as is, but not the look I was going for. I used the same process as the star, with the black and white craft paint. Then sanding it as well.  I use some white craft ink and rubber stamp for the bird. While the ink was sill wet, I dabbed it with some paper towel to soften the look a bit. There ya go, cute little rustic birdy house!

These ornaments are pretty simple to make, might even be fun craft for the kids. Unless you are like me and would probably take over and do it for them! 😉


DIY Rustic Ornaments | How Lovely It Is


DIY Rustic Ornaments | How Lovely It Is


 Do you make your own ornaments?


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