Purple and Turquoise Cake


Purple and Turquoise Cake | How Lovely It Is

In February was my oldest daughters birthday, to celebrate we had a family dinner and cake. I’ve always made birthday cakes for my kids birthdays. When they were little I would rent the preformed character pans and decorate it to coordinate with whatever  theme they chose that year. The last few years they have opted for cup cakes, which made things really easy for me. 😉 This year my oldest didn’t want a party either, but I wanted to do something really special for her. She loves cake, and purple and turquoise are her favorite colors. So a fancy purple and turquoise cake it was!

This was my inspiration cake:


This cake is from The Cake Blog, it was quite simple to do. She gives very detailed  easy to follow instructions. I wouldn’t say I’m a great cake decorator, far from it! If you can squeeze icing from a bag and actually get it on the cake, you can do this. I was impressed at how easy it was to get such a pretty out come.

I used this cake recipe: The Best Chocolate Cake Recipe Ever

And I used this icing recipe tinted with Wilton purple paste food coloring : Classic Vanilla Buttercream Frosting

I divided the cake batter in to three 6″ cake pans to achieve a taller cake and so it would fit on my cake stand. For the bobbles on top I used some Christmas picks from the dollar store I had. I wrapped the stem of the pick with saran wrap and inserted it in to the center of the cake after icing it. The only extra tips I would give is make sure your icing is well chilled. As the icing warmed up in my hand, it didn’t hold its shape as well. I had to stop and put the icing in the fridge for bit then continue. I think if you have more than one piping bag it might alleviate that problem. Other than that I think it turned out pretty well!

Purple and Turquoise Cake | How Lovely It Is



Purple and Turquoise Cake | How Lovely It Is


Purple and Turquoise Cake | How Lovely It Is


Purple and Turquoise Cake | How Lovely It Is


Do you make birthday cakes or buy them?


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