Rustic & Neutral Living Room Mood Board

    I love designing rooms, pulling all the details together. I dream about decorating. So today I’m sharing my design for a Rustic and Neutral Living Room. To create this Mood Board I used rich textures, greys, taupes and cream with pops of muted teal. I added some unexpected sparkle with some gold accents. The marquis ampersand light adds a touch of whimsy and playfulness. The cute bonsai tree gives the room a little life. Mixing differing textures helps create a cosy room and adding the unexpected keeps the room from feeling cold or stuffy.



    Rustic & Neutral Living Room Mood Board | How Lovely It IsRustic & Neutral Living Room Mood Board | How Lovely It Is


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    Anslie Sofa

    Modway Engage Wood Armchair



     Alabama Coffee Table



     Abaca Rug


    Emery Linen/Cotton Grommet Drape

    Tecca 18″ pillow

    DL Rhein Hexagon Velvet Pillows

    Tea Leaf Bonsai


    Elli Champagne Gourd Table Lamp Set Of 2

    Girard Nightstand

    ‘&’ LED Carnival Light

    Safavieh Janika Accent Table

    Worlds Away Raymond Gold Leaf Mirror

    Potter’s Collection Gourd Vase

    Wellie 53″ Mirrored Console, Sand

    Rustic & Neutral Living Room Mood Board | How Lovely It Is

    DIY Laptop Tray

    Hello Lovelies! Today I’m sharing my DIY laptop tray. First off I want to say the idea was not solely mine, but rather inspired by Craftsman Drive’s Tray. When I first purchased my laptop I just set it on my lap while working, that didn’t last long before it became uncomfortable. Its called a laptop, you should be able to just set it on your lap right? Those of you who own one are rolling on the floor laughing right now. For those of you that don’t, laptops can get really warm and need air flow to stay cool. So setting them on your lap or something soft doesn’t allow for sufficient air flow. Also my laptop didn’t seem to stay put, either sliding off my lap or sitting at weird angle making it awkward to type. Thirdly I don’t like the scroll pad, call me weird but when having to work for any length of time I find it annoying. I just prefer to use a mouse. If I’m not sitting at my desk or at the table which is most of the time, there isn’t a way to use the mouse properly. So I was on the hunt for a solution. For a while I was using an old nursing pillow and stack of books for the mouse. Not a good solution, it didn’t address the air flow issue and my wrist hurt from the weird angle of the mouse. I needed a laptop tray that was large enough to accommodate both the laptop and the mouse. I couldn’t find anything I liked, anywhere. Then when I was doing the round up for this post, I stumbled upon this awesome DIY laptop tray!




    DIY Laptop Tray | How Lovely It Is



    I guess I could have come up with my own design, but everything about this tray was perfect! And why mess with perfection right? So off the hardware store I went. I had everything at home except the tile and handles. I Followed his directions almost exactly, with a few exceptions. I didn’t have the same adhesive, so I used Gorilla glue to adhere the tile to the plywood. And I used a different sized trim than he had, I used what had. For the plywood all we had here at home was some rough cut 1/4″ plywood. So I used some wood filler on the bottom of the tray and sanded it to smooth it out before painting.

    I’m one of those people when inspiration strikes, I have to do it now. The scrap plywood we had needed to be cut down with the table saw and my husband wasn’t home. I had never used the table saw by myself before. To say I was a little intimidated by it would be a huge understatement. More like total and utter fear! Just so we are clear I did know how to use it safely, I just prefer my hubby do it for me. 😉 But I was determined to get it done. I must admit it turned out better that I thought. I was a little skeptical when I first brought the tile home, but once it and the trim were attached to the plywood it was quite sturdy. The weight of the tray makes it comfortable to work on, and just the right size to accommodate the laptop and mouse. A pretty and functional DIY laptop tray, it really is perfect!




    DIY Laptop Tray | How Lovely It Is




    DIY Laptop Tray | How Lovely It Is



    DIY Laptop Tray | How Lovely It Is



    DIY Laptop Tray | How Lovely It Is






    DIY Laptop Tray | How Lovely It Is