New Kitchen Valance

Not unlike my wall art, my kitchen window valance was also in a sad state of affairs. It too needed an upgrade! When we moved in to this house, I threw a coat of paint on the walls and added a few things here and there to make it livable. I quickly whipped up a valance with some left over fabric, just so there was something on the window. I don’t think I ever really loved it.  Every time I looked at it, I thought it screamed 90’s! I thought adding a bamboo shade would help, but sadly no. It just looked like the 90’s were trying too hard.

Window Valance

I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted to do with the window, obviously drapes would not have worked in the kitchen. I had seen quite a few tutorials for faux roman blinds, which I really liked. That wouldn’t have worked with the bamboo blind, I had spent money on it and wanted to keep it. Then I saw this Valance on Pinterest.

Window Valance

Yes that was it!

 I could have ordered it, but it was pretty simple to make and I had some fabric I was inching to use. I just measured the width of my window and frame plus 1/2 inch on either side for the seam allowance. I then measured the length I wanted form the bottom of the rod, added 7″ to the top for the rod pocket and top fringe. I folded, ironed and sewed the edges. I folded the top 7″ in half and sewed along the seam. I the sewed a straight line 2″ above seam, to create rod pocket and fringe. I hope that makes sense, I’m not a great seamstress. I just do what is easy and simple. I can sew a straight line, that’s about it. Maybe I should have paid more attention in HomeEc ! 😉

Window Valance

Much Better! Now all I need to do is get on that wall paint! The yellow just isn’t working and it’s looking a little tired. I’m thinking grey would make everything pop, but it will have wait until we do some other things in the kitchen. I’m planning on adding some cabinets, extending the counter tops and putting in new tile. So as much as I would love to paint now, it wouldn’t be practical to do it twice.  Insert sad pouty face here!

Window Valance

Window Valance

Would you sew a Valance or just buy it?

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