Dumplings & Magic Sauce

Dumplings & magic sauce


The other day I was preparing dumplings from Costco as I normally do and the sauce packets that came in the bag with the dumplings tasted terrible. I have bought them for years and the sauce was always the best part,  I don’t know if the company changed the recipe or we had a bad batch? Now I had to find something to dip my poor naked dumplings in, I don’t think they are great on their own nor do I care for soya sauce as a dip. So what to do? Then I remembered  this recipe for Magic Sauce from Breanna’s Recipe Box that I was dying to try. Oh my gosh it was sooo good, I can not even begin to explain how amazing the flavor is. I love Asian and ethnic food, savory and spicy food, this is definitely a keeper! I think this sauce would also be fantastic tossed with some al dente pasta, yummo!


Dumplings & Magic Sauce

10-15 Dumplings or many as desired

I recipe magic sauce

1 tsp. finely chopped  cilantro

Prepare a batch of magic sauce per Breanna’s directions ( I like a lot of flavor so I added more of the seasonings and lemon juice than called for in the recipe), take the sauce off the heat and allow the flavors to develop 10 – 20 min. Then cook the dumplings according to the package directions (or make from scratch if you have the time). When dumplings are cooked, transfer them to a dish then drizzle with warm magic sauce and sprinkle with cilantro. Serve as an appetizer or accompany with a salad as a light meal. Enjoy!


Have a great weekend!

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