Kid Friendly Mulled Apple Cider

Kid Friendly Mulled Apple Cider | How Lovely It Is

When I was in elementary school in about grade four or five I found a cookbook in my schools library. It was a cooking with kids type book, it might have been a Better Homes and Gardens book I remember it having a red plaid cover.  I totally fell in love with all the pretty pictures of food, I must have looked through it dozens of times. I know I renewed it several times in a row. One particular recipe I remember trying from the book, was an apple cider recipe. I remember really liking it, or maybe it was I had made it my self that made it so amazing. I have a fairly good memory, I can remember basically what the ingredients were. I did some Googling to see if the book or recipe existed still, no luck. After reading through some other recipes and from what I could remember, I was on the right track. So I through some ingredients together, let it simmer away and it turned out pretty good. It’s a simple enough recipe kids can help with, and ingredients most kids and adults would like.

Kid Friendly Mulled Apple Cider


1 1/2 cups    Unsweetened apple juice

1/2 cup        Unsweetened pulp free orange juice

1 tbsp.         Cranberry Juice or 6-10 whole cranberries (optional)

1                Cinnamon stick

2                 Whole cloves

Dash          Nutmeg (optional)


Put all ingredients in a sauce pan, heat on med-high until boiling. turn down heat, let simmer 10-15 min. Scoop out cinnamon stick,cloves and cranberries. Pour in to mugs and enjoy! Makes 2 cups of Cider. Recipe can be doubled or tripled for a crowed.




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